Acting Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, was a guest on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo this week where he refuted rumors that the federal government is considering a national shutdown.

Wolf stated “I would say that is absolutely false. That’s not true.” when asked about about the risks of cyber fraud and specifically commented on false intelligence being spread online about a national shutdown.

According to Wolf, the Trump Administration knows the economy could not survive a complete shutdown of the borders, and they are using “thoughtful restrictions” to protect the movement of the remaining products that are able to be moved during this pandemic. They are avoiding a complete shutdown in order to protect as much of the economy as possible.

In the interview, Wolf acknowledged that even he has received messages from people looking verify what he claims are part of a “disinformation campaign” similar to election interference perpetrated by Russians other online criminals.

After recommending that citizens pursue legitimate sources of information like federal officials, he stated that he believes that Americans will see the results of the assorted preventative measures that different states have taken by April. Wolf sympathized with the millions of Americans that are experiencing uncomfortable circumstances, but he believes that the results will be worth it.