CNN was blasted by the White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham for “irresponsible reporting.”

This was after CNN indicated that President Trump would deliver an address from the Oval Office on the attacks from Iran.

According to a CNN report, President Trump was planning to deliver an address after the military attack from Iran.

Iran launched more than a dozen missiles that targeted the U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq.

A specific time of the rumored address was to be determined, the CNN report added.

From Breitbart:

As President Trump confers with his top advisers tonight at the White House, aides are making urgent preparations at this hour for him to address the nation after Iran fired missiles at US forces in Iraq.

CNN added that officials were preparing a speech for the president to deliver on Tuesday, per “two officials.”

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“Aides are making urgent preparations at this hour for Trump to address the nation, per @jeffzeleny,” CNN’s Kaitlin Collins tweeted.

“The specific timing TBD & could be delayed given we are still learning info but two officials say a speech is being prepared and plans are being made for Oval address,” she added.

Grisham, however, denied CNN’s “irresponsible” reports and added that “no one even attempted to confirm with the press office before tweeting” she claims.

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