Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that the killing of Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani is the equivalent to Iran assassinating America’s Vice President.

Pelosi called the deadly U.S. drone strike on the Iranian terrorist General Soleimani as “provocative and disproportionate.”

She also does not think that the attack on Soleimani made the United States safer.

President Trump says that he ordered the strike on Soleimani to “stop a war, not start a war.”

However, many Democrats have been critical of the actions by the Trump administration.

From Breitbart:

This action endangered our service members, diplomats and others by risking a serious escalation of tensions with Iran,” she asserted.

She doubled down on those sentiments during a press conference on Thursday, likening the elimination of the terrorist, who was responsible for the death of hundreds of Americans and injuries of thousands more, to an assassination of the vice president of the United States.

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“The argument would be made that, putting the shoe on the other foot, if the United States had a high level — maybe the second most important person in the country — assassinated wherever, the United States might consider that an assault on our country,” she stated.

The comparison fell flat with many on social media, prompting some to remind the speaker of Soleimani’s role as a director of terrorist proxies abroad.