Supporters of President Trump were given a Christmas gift by his campaign.

It was a new website to help them win when a disagreement with “snowflake” relatives would arise. is the name of the new site.

It shows “how to win an argument with your liberal relatives.”

The economy, immigration, health care, trade deals, impeachment, Joe Biden and the Green New Deal and of course, the border wall are just some of the topics covered.

One message says “Family holidays. Full of love. Full of laughter. And full of the inevitable conversations with the family liberal who just does not want to believe how great America is doing with President Trump in office.”

More from Fox News:

Trump campaign national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany discussed the initiative Wednesday morning on “Fox & Friends,” and how it counters similarly themed tip guides from the left aimed at prepping readers for dealing with a Trump-supporting family member.

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“Those articles operate from a position of fear. You know, you fear that MAGA uncle,” McEnany said. “Well, this is empowering. This is supposed to say, hey if you encounter a liberal snowflake, don’t back down, here are the facts, the facts much of the media won’t share with you.”

On a more serious note, the White House sent out an official Christmas message from the president Wednesday morning, paying respect to military service members and more.

“As we celebrate Christmas, we remember the precious religious liberties our forefathers so righteously fought to secure. We also pause to pay tribute to those courageous men and women of our Armed Forces who continue to fight for our cherished freedoms. As Commander in Chief, I salute them for their service and thank their family members for their shared sacrifice in this noble mission, especially during the holiday season,” Trump said in the message.