According to a Federal lawsuit filed this week, over 2,500 deceased American voters are still on voter rolls in Detroit, Michigan.

The lawsuit filed this week was led by The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), against the city of Detroit for supposedly failing to maintain and manage their voter rolls.

The city of Detroit has kept over twenty-five hundred (2,500) dead Americans on the rolls, despite having their age marked as 85 or older on the rolls.

PILF opened data research on the state of Michigan earlier in the year and discovered numerous discrepancies in registered voters.

Many of the voters were either “impossibly old” or “disqualifying young”, noting that in one example, one registered voter had written their birth year as 1823.

More from Breitbart:

In addition to dead voters remaining on the voter rolls, PILF alleges that Detroit’s voter registration rate as of 2016 for the citizen voting-age population stands at 106 percent — indicating more voters on the rolls than those who even live in the city.

PILF also states that Detroit has about 4,788 registered voters who have been flagged as having potentially registered to vote twice or even three times. Another roughly 16,500 registered voters allegedly do not have dates when they actually registered to vote.

According to PILF President J. Christian Adams’ statement:

The City of Detroit is failing to perform some of the most basic functions owed to its citizenry. The city government’s nonchalant attitude toward addressing evidence of dead and duplicate registrations exposes yet another vulnerability in our voting systems as our nation works to improve election security before November 2020. Making a federal case out of this was necessary, and I hope we can achieve a resolution before the polls open.