Investigative reporter Paul Sperry has released a bombshell report.

At least three Senate committees are formally investigating Obama-Biden-Ukrainian collusion to damage Donald Trump’s chances to win the 2016 presidential election, according to Sperry.

The Department of Justice Inspector General recently conducted a large investigation into the Federal Bureau of Investigation and found damning information against the FBI.

The investigation revealed that the FBI has deliberately doctored the evidence presented to the top spy court so they could spy on a key Trump affiliate.

Michael Horowitz, the DOJ IG presented a 476-page report with the revelation that the FBI falsely produced and claimed that Carter Page of being a Russian spy.

The report also exposes that the FBI falsely claimed that an unnamed intelligence agency came forward and told them that Page was “not a source” in their efforts to survey Russian Intelligence.

The presiding judge of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), Rosemary Collyer, blasted the FBI for repeatedly misleading the FISA court to get the approval for the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Francey Hakes, a former DOJ official appeared with Tucker Carlson and said that the FBI ran confidential human sources against members of the Trump campaign.

More from The Federalist:

Page, who had previously been an informant and witness for the United States in a federal espionage case against a Russian intelligence official, was targeted by the Obama FBI as a Russian spy helping Putin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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According to the IG report, before the FBI and DOJ went to the FISA Court to apply for a warrant to spy on Page, an unnamed U.S. intelligence agency had told the FBI that Carter Page had previously assisted that agency’s efforts against Russian spies.

Although exculpatory information about potential spy targets is required in spy warrant applications, Obama’s FBI and DOJ deliberately withheld that information from the spy court in order to paint Page in the worst possible light.

The Justice Department’s inspector general Michael Horowitz is set to release his findings on the FBI’s Russia investigation within the next week.

However, Attorney General William Barr says he rejects one of Horowitz’s key findings.

“Barr’s issue with the report is said to center on Horowitz’s conclusion that the FBI had enough information to open an investigation into Trump campaign members in July 2016,” Solange Reyner writes of Newsmax.

Sources told the Post, “Barr has not been swayed by Horowitz’s rationale for concluding the FBI had sufficient basis to open an investigation on July 31, 2016.” It appears AG Barr believes there is sufficient evidence that the FBI acted out of bias when spying on the Trump campaign.