A distinguished member of Burisma Holding’s board of directors revealed that Hunter Biden got the job because of his family name and political ties.

At the center of the impeachment inquiry, one member finally confirmed that Hunter Biden was given the job as a board member for Burisma, a Ukranian oil and gas monster company due to his father, former Vice President Biden’s political power.

Former President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, continued to reveal that both he and Hunter Biden were drafted to join Burisma’s board around a similar time. Kwasniewski explained that it was not uncommon to find elite and well-connected persons to sit on advisory boards.

Because both new board members had distinguished quite the influence, he and Hunter Biden collected up to $83,000 a month in compensation.

“I understand that if someone asks me to be part of some project it’s not only because I’m so good, it’s also because I am Kwasniewski and I am a former president of Poland,” Kwasniewski explained. “And this is all inter-connected. No-names are a nobody. Being Biden is not bad. It’s a good name.”
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The former president proceeded to claim that Hunter Biden was an integral part of the board, despite having no background in the energy sector and never once visiting Ukraine during his five-year tenure with Burisma.

“He collected information,” Kwasniewski said, claiming Hunter Biden helped the company with corporate governance. “He was useful for us because he knew something that we didn’t know.”

Kwasniewski’s comments come as Burisma and it ties to Hunter Biden have taken center stage in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. The company became central to the proceedings when Trump suggested the Ukrainian government investigate how Hunter Biden was able to secure a seat on its board of directors in the first place.

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Democrats claim the president’s suggestion amounted to asking a foreign power for dirt on a political opponent, which they argue is an impeachable offense. Trump and his allies, on the other hand, have countered that Hunter Biden’s appointment, coming around the same time former Vice President Joe Biden was tapped to lead Obama-era policy towards Ukraine, and his relative inexperience in the energy industry warrant investigation.