Republican Senator Ben Sasse proposed a bill on Monday which would explicitly outlaw physicians from killing a baby after it is delivered. It is murder, or ought to be classified as such, Sasse argued as he presented the bill for consideration.

The bill ought to be common sense, Sasse argued, when he said that legislative efforts in New York and Virginia are raising questions on the legality of a post-birth abortion, or infanticide.

“100 Senators have the opportunity to unanimously say the most basic thing imaginable — that it’s wrong to kill a little newborn baby — and to stand for belief that we’re all created equal. If equality means anything, surely it means infanticide is wrong,” Sasse said on the Senate floor.

Sasse and Republican lawmakers were hoping to pass the bill with a unanimous voice vote, a strategy which expedites widely favored bills. The process, however, can be derailed by just one person which is what happened when Democrat Senator Patty Murray blocked the bill.

From the Daily Caller:

The bill, presented by Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, was titled the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” and would have offered medical care and legal protections to infants who survived attempted abortions.

Sasse addressed the topic from the Senate floor Monday evening, calling for unanimous consent and saying, “Frankly, this shouldn’t be hard.”

Murray objected to the measure, saying that it was unnecessary to move forward since infanticide is already illegal — and her objection prevented the bill from receiving the support Sasse had asked for.

Sasse took up the effort following remarks from embattled Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who had been speaking in defense of a late-term abortion bill in his home state.

“We are actually talking about babies that have been born. The only debate on the floor tonight is about infanticide. . . . This is about fourth-trimester abortion,” Sasse said Monday. “Everyone in this Senate ought to be able to say that the little baby deserves life, that she has rights, and that killing her is wrong.”

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And, from the National Review:

Murray claimed that the legislation is unnecessary because there are already legal prohibitions on infanticide. Murray was the only Democratic senator to come to the Senate floor this evening and left immediately after objecting.

Earlier today, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell affirmed his support for Sasse’s legislation and hinted that he’d be willing to bring it to the floor for a roll-call vote. “I hope that none of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle invent any reasons to block this request later today,” McConnell said. “That would make quite a disturbing statement. If they do inexplicably block Senator Sasse’s effort, I can assure them that this will not be the last time we try to ensure that all newborns are afforded this fundamental legal protection.”

As TownHall reports, Republican Senator Joni Ernst responded to Murray.

“There is nothing great, there is nothing moral, or even humane about the discussion that we have before us today,” Ernst said, per the report. “Over the past week, we have witnessed the absolutely ugly truth about the far-reaching grasp of the abortion industry and its increasingly radicalized political agenda. Politicians have not only defended aborting a child while a woman is in labor, but have gone so far as to support the termination of a child after his or her birth. A child. A baby. Rationality, decency, and basic human compassion have fallen by the wayside.”

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